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Dear Friend,

You might have heard about the saying that the money is in the list, well I have an offline business and have got the proof to show how valuable my list is, I sell secondhand books and every time I want to make a quick sale I just sent some offers to my mailing list and like magic I will have the needed sales.

You see, with a list you have a ready customer base that will buy from you time and again, because you have their trust and that is something nobody can take away from you.

You can take away my phone and my computer, and just leave me with my mailing list and I will still make a comeback.

Most of the people that want to tell you that they can help you with building your list, will tell you how important it is to have an auto responder service and then include a link to join the one they recommend, I am not going to give you a link to join, as there is no such service needed with my solution, you get everything included for free. Yes you will need some hosting and a domain name to make this work. (provided you have some understanding of installing PHP script on your hosting)

This is a all inclusive business in a box and if you are serious about getting your business out of the starting blocks with the minimum capital outlay this is exactly what you need.

You have to understand that nothing realy comes for free, the hosting and domain name will cost you, and if you are serious you will get the list building under way first and then only start to think about selling.

The list is your business, and your bisiness is the list, get that and you will understand the concept of success.





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